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MADÊ - Paisagem dos Pensamentos

do 2 mei 20:00
Dit concert heeft reeds plaatsgevonden
Locatie: Maas Podium
MADÊ - Paisagem dos Pensamentos


This album is a heartwarming tribute to Brazilian music, with special attention to the composers Chico Buarque and João Bosco. For the members of MADÊ, the story in the song always takes center stage. With their minimalistic approach, they capture the essence of the music, leaving room for the listener’s own interpretation.

The album has a cinematic atmosphere. With wide arrangements and intimate intros, it feels as if you’re transported elsewhere for a moment. In addition to Brazilian music, you can also hear different influences such as jazz. The musicians come from different countries and backgrounds; with diverse musical styles they’ve studied. Everyone brings their own musical heritage to the table.


Mose Franssen - zang
Eduardo Cardinho - vibrafoon
Alvaro Rovira Ruiz - gitaar
Jeroen van der Ley - elektrische bas
Bart Fermie - percussie
Diogo Torres de Carvalho - drums