Sigá y Silente

za 22 april 21:30


”Siga y Silente" is a Rotterdam-based duo formed by Greek pianist Yiorgos Bereris and Andalusian drummer Lucas Zegri.
They combine the lyrical texture of the piano with percussion instruments from various traditions (batás, cajón, legüero bedir, etc.) in their own original works.
Its musical identity stems from a synthesis of the Mediterranean region’s multicultural musical idioms (flamenco, balkan, greek, arabic makam) with the afro-american latin-jazz legacy.
Their special connection is shared in their performances with stunning improvisational parts with roots in jazz, flamenco, and makam.
They are now working on their first album, which will incorporate percussion from several traditions as well as the rhythmical wealth of each idiom. After conducting field research in Cuba and south Spain, learning about Cuban bata and flamenco, their focus is in the styles of the East-Mediterranean region.
Line-upPiano: Yiorgos BererisPercussion: Lucas Zegri
This event is hosted by Claudia Karapanou


Yiorgos Bereris - piano
Lucas Zegri - drums