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Emanuele Pellegrini Trio

vr 23 februari 21:00
Emanuele Pellegrini Trio


Led by composer and pianist Emanuele Pellegrini, the trio delves into uncharted musical territories. Alessandro Fongaro’s doublebass grounds the ensemble, while Nick Thessalonikefs on drums adds rhythmic and colour depth. Together, they explore diverse dynamics and evocative lyricism, transcending traditional jazz norms. Their sonic expeditions invite audiences on an expressive journey through spacious landscapes, where each note unfolds a new chapter of emotive storytelling. With an innate ability to traverse musical boundaries, this trio crafts an immersive experience, painting vivid musical canvases that resonate with depth and soulful exploration.
Emanuele Pellegrini – pianoAlessandro Fongaro – double bassNick Thessalonikefs – drums


Emanuele Pellegrini - piano
Alessandro Fongaro - contrabas
Nick Thessalonikefs - drums