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JUN album release: From the Lights Within

do 9 november 2023 20:30
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Since their 1st album release in 2019, they’ve been highly acclaimed on stages such as Lantaren Venster, Tivoli Vredenburg, Dynamo and InJazz and more! This new album will shift your hearing to what you’re used to!
Growing up in southern Spain you might assume one would be strongly bound to flamenco and folk music, but the truth is that JUN grew up listening to his father’s record collection, which involved a lot of the 70’s music. Being fascinated about psychedelia and soundscapes is something that hooked him since his childhood up until today. While becoming a musician, this translated into a pursuit of experimentation; breaking the limits of what a guitar should sound like and playing with the concept of structure and tempo of mainstream music.
*everyone who comes will get a download code for the album with their ticket*todos los que vengan recibirán con su entrada un código de descarga del álbum
Leah Uijterlinde: vocalsJuanfer Marrero: guitarRok Zalokar: synthsMartin Hafizi: drums


Martin Hafizi - drums
Juanfer Marrero - guitar
Rok Zalokar - synths
Leah Uijterlinde - vocals