North Sea String Quartet & Sanem Kalfa

do 29 juni 20:00


Sanem Kalfa and North Sea String Quartet unite to deliver a unique musical experience that combines Turkish, Spanish, Italian, and Brazilian songs. As an improvising string quartet that has been making waves in the contemporary Dutch scene, North Sea String Quartet brings an exceptional rhythmic background to the fore. Similarly, with her one-of-a-kind voice and approach, Sanem Kalfa gives the collaboration a lyrical aspect.
Together, this ensemble, characterized by powerful emotive content, delivers beautiful narratives filled with passion and improvisations in a minimal direction reminiscent of jazz language. Audiences can expect a sensual, melancholy performance that highlights the richness of various cultures and their music traditions.
This collection of songs will take listeners on an incredible musical journey, showcasing the exceptional talent of these instrumentalists and Sanem Kalfa’s beautiful vocal style. It is a collaboration that pushes the boundaries of contemporary world/jazz music and delivers a stunning live performance that leaves a lasting impression on all who witness it.
Line-up:Sanem Kalfa – voiceGeorge Dumitriu – violinPablo Rodriguez – violinYanna Pelser – violaThomas van Geelen – cello


Sanem Kalfa - vocals
George Dumitriu - violin
Pablo Rodriguez - violin
Yanna Pelser - viola
Thomas van Geelen - cello