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Afro Carib Ensemble

zo 17 december 2023 17:00
Dit concert heeft reeds plaatsgevonden


 The Afro Carib Ensemble.
This ensemble owes its name to the different percussion instruments that are played. The Afro part (Africa) is mainly the indigenous drums and shakers that come from the Winti culture of Suriname, in particular the 'Hari and Koti dron'. Added to this were the Skraty, Timbal, Sing Sing and Bangi.
The Carib (the Caribbean part)) is colored by Congas, Maracas, Quiro Bongos, Timbales and all Latin Percussion instruments.
The ensemble has a strong line-up. A solid orchestra including a spicy brass section with Delbert Bernabel (saxes/flute) Rodney Newland (trumpet) Henk Jones (alto sax). Central to the whole is a dynamic rhythm section with Errol Bakdraad (drums, bangi and timbales) Glenn Kloppenburg (bongos, bongo bell, quiro hari-dron, and skratyi) Romeo Sumter (congas, bongos, small percussion, timbal, koti-dron and tambora). The vocalists are Glenn Vreds (shakers) Latoya Oosterwolde and the undersigned who also takes care of the guitar work. Then Carlos Tjon A Meeuw (bass and hari-dron) and Lemuel Dasburg (piano and keys). All fantastic musicians with extensive stage experience.
The Afro Carib Ensemble is a musical legacy. A musical concept! Conceived, described, played and sung from the roots of Suriname.