Dimitris Terpizis Quartet

do 13 april 20:00


With “BAND on TOUR” DIZZY welcomes international artists and bands during a European tour to our stage.
Meet the Dimitris Terpizis Quartet
during their Amorphous Odyssey release tour.
A word from the artist..
“Every disaster has a peak and a suppression point. This is my whole idea behind the birth of my
Quartet. I am Dimitris Terpizis from the beautiful island called Cyprus.
We live in a strange world. A world full of destruction and beauty. I would call my music progressive jazz due to the modern harmonies and volatile rhythms my band and I create. Imagine a rainstorm; getting to a point full of tension, finishing with a beautiful rainbow. The pandemic brought me down, made me desperate, deprived opportunities and inspired me! It
inspired me in a sense of changing my point of view to create my own rainbow.
My Quartet fuses modern way of playing with tradition. Strong rhythms with delicate sounds.
Elements from Western and Middle Eastern music to create the ultimate sonic journey for the listener.
Come and join this journey with us! See how I see the world. Listen to our powerful grooves while the saxophone is telling a sweet story.


Dimitris Terpizis - drums
Finn Grah - saxophone
Abhin Iype - piano
Pantelis Constantinou - bass