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GAP: A harmonious fusion of World Music and Jazz

wo 20 september 2023 21:30
Dit concert heeft reeds plaatsgevonden
Adres: 's-Gravendijkwal 127 - Rotterdam


Gap, a mesmerizing trio comprising saxophone, piano, and drums. With each member spanning over a decade in age difference, Gap not only showcases the rich tapestry of generational influences but also delivers an immersive musical experience that transcends boundaries.
Gap’s performances are a testament to their exceptional talent and deep- rooted passion for world music and jazz. The saxophone, played by Pablo Cruz with astonishing virtuosity, serves as the vessel for emo>onal expression, carrying listeners on a captivating journey through various musical traditions. Abel Marcel on piano provides a harmonious backdrop, effortlessly shiIing between delicate melodies and intricate improvisa>ons. Then there is Greg Smith on drums, a rhythmic powerhouse, anchoring the ensemble, driving
the music forward with dynamic precision and infec>ous energy.
From the haunting melodies of Middle Eastern magams to the vibrant rhythms of Afro-Cuban percussion, the trio fearlessly explores a myriad of global sounds
Prepare to be enthralled by the boundless spirit of their musical collaboration.