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Ildo Nandja Trio

wo 8 november 2023 21:30
Dit concert heeft reeds plaatsgevonden
Adres: 's-Gravendijkwal 127 - Rotterdam


Ildo Nandja Trio is a versatile and progressive ensemble with an ambitiously cross-fusion approach bent towards contemporary influenced jazz based in Rotterdam. The Trio uses each member’s expertise and background to express advanced harmonic concepts to their compositions.Their sound blends PanAfrican rhythms and melodies with Jazz, European and contemporary world music.These musical diversities reflects each members experience and the result is a combination of and explosive experimental eclectic sound.
– Brief description of program
As an activist and peace builder involved in community building in Rotterdam- Oude Westen, Ildo uses his compositions as an instrument and a medium to portray the situation of the world, and of his community, aiming to address issues such as peace, unity, justice, equality, social cohesion, amongst many other topics that can contribute for the betterment of our communities
The trio aims to present a repertoire comprising pieces that will be recorded in the near future. These pieces reflect their journey as a trio. The audience will experience something that will talk directly to them through music.
Band members:
Ildo Nandja – Contrabass Andrew Moreno – Guitar Martin Hafizi – Drums


Ildo Nandja - bass
Andrew Moreno - gitaar
Martin Hafizi - drums