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Valter Paiola and the Afrocuban Collective

wo 12 juli 2023 21:00
Dit concert heeft reeds plaatsgevonden
Adres: 's-Gravendijkwal 127 - Rotterdam


Valter Paiola and the Afrocuban Collective is a 7 piece band led by the master Valter Paiola, percussionist, singer and trombonist from Rome, Italy. The Afrocuban Collective brings you the Cuban tradition of rumba, abakuà, conga and many other styles in their traditional form, but also experimenting and innovating, bringing on stage a unique experience capable of involving the public in a stunning musical journey. Voices and percussion blend together to create a very powerful and energetic music experience.
The Collective dives into cuban tradition with the purpose to keep cuban traditional music alive and to share its incredible richness to the public.
The concert will envelop the musicians on stage and the audience in a single embrace and
it’s going to be followed by a jam session where all musicians are welcome to come on stage
and play!
Rumba cubana (yambù, guaguancò, columbia), abakuà, conga
Line up:
Valter Paiola – Lead voice, percussion, trombone
Zè Malandro – Voice, percussion, trumpet
Giovanni Molinari – percussion and coro
Manel Chust Torres – percussion and coro
Lucas Zegri Muñoz – percussion and coro
Carmen Martinez Navarro – percussion and coro
Emilio Maggiore – coro
Doors: 21:00h
Show: 21:30h
Tickets: 10€
Students: 7€
“Just a Concert + Jam Session” : is hosted by Mauricio López Tejerina


Valter Paiola - percussion, vocals
Zè Malandro - percussion, trumpet, vocals
Giovanni Molinari - percussion, coro
Manel Chust Torres - percussion, coro
Lucas Zegri Muñoz - percussion, coro
Carmen Martinez Navarro - percussion, coro
Emilio Maggiorie - coro