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Teis Semey and Jort Terwijn

wo 13 december 2023 21:30
Dit concert heeft reeds plaatsgevonden


Gregory Smith Invites: Teis Semey and Jort Terwijn Teis Semey, guitarist, the “bad boy of Dutch jazz” (Trouw), is recognised by a fierce and explosive style of playing improvised music. Semey’s music takes place in the cross-section between jazz, punk and electronic improvised music.
Jort Terwijn is a versatile, creative and hard-driving double bassist who is able to shine in various styles of music from jazz, flamenco, to punk rock and free improv.
These two musicians play together in various projects which are at the forefront of the Amsterdam creative music scene, and both are also successful composers/leaders of their own prize-winning bands. For this event, expect fireworks, deep ambiences, and grab-you-by-the-neck improvisations that will soar above a mix of jazz and odd-meter rhythms.


Teis Semey - gitaar
Jort Terwijn - double bass