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The Bossa Nova Experience ft. Andrada Jazz

do 25 mei 2023 21:00
Dit concert heeft reeds plaatsgevonden
Adres: 's-Gravendijkwal 127 - Rotterdam


Andrada Jazz, a talented vocalist originally from Romania, has brought her passion for Bossa Nova to the Netherlands. With her smooth and captivating voice, she has been enchanting audiences in The Hague and Rotterdam, creating an intimate and authentic jazz experience.
Teaming up with Andrada is Stamatis Farantopoulos, a Greek Brazilian jazz guitarist based in Rotterdam. Inspired by his mentor Chico Pinheiro, Stamatis combines elements of MPB and modern jazz to create a unique musical fusion. His guitar melodies add depth and a touch of Brazilian charm to the band’s sound.
Lidrick Solognier, a drummer from Aruba, is deeply passionate about Bossa Nova and has immersed himself in the rhythms of Brazilian music. His skillful drumming brings a vibrant energy to the performances, evoking the essence of Bossa Nova and setting the groove for the band.
Completing the ensemble is Mateo Beltran, an experienced bass player from Spain. With his expertise in Brazilian rhythms such as Bossa Nova, Partido Alto, and Samba, Mateo adds a melodic and rhythmic foundation to the band’s sound, creating a solid backbone for their performances.
Together, Andrada Jazz and her band deliver an authentic and captivating Bossa Nova experience. Join them on a musical journey filled with soulful vocals, melodic guitar lines, rhythmic drums, and grooving bass, and let the allure of Bossa Nova transport you to the sun kissed beaches of Brazil.
Doors: 21:00h
Show: 21:30h
Regular price €6,-
Students/seniors: €4,-


Andrada Jazz - zang
Stamatis Farantopoulos - gitaar
Lidrick Solognier - drums
Mateo Beltran - bass