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Tribute to Eric Dolphy

ma 23 oktober 2023 21:30
Dit concert heeft reeds plaatsgevonden
Adres: 's-Gravendijkwal 127 - Rotterdam


Tonight we present a tribute to the Iconic Eric Dolphy
Eric Dolphy (1928-1964) was an American jazz musician and one of the most innovative and influential figures in the world of jazz during the 1960s. He was a multi-instrumentalist known for his proficiency on alto saxophone, flute, and bass clarinet. His unique approach to improvisation and his willingness to experiment with unconventional techniques and instruments set him apart from his contemporaries.
Dolphy was associated with the avant-garde and free jazz movements, pushing the boundaries of traditional jazz. He played with some of the most notable musicians of his time, including Charles Mingus, John Coltrane, and Ornette Coleman. His work with Charles Mingus, in particular, is highly regarded, and he made significant contributions to albums like “Mingus Ah Um” and “The Charles Mingus Quintet + Max Roach.”
Some of Eric Dolphy’s well-known recordings as a bandleader include “Out to Lunch!” and “Eric Dolphy at the Five Spot, Vol. 1 & 2.” These albums showcase his innovative and boundary-pushing approach to jazz, incorporating elements of free jazz and avant-garde music.
Tragically, Dolphy’s life was cut short when he died at the young age of 36 due to complications from diabetes in 1964. Despite his relatively short career, his impact on the world of jazz was profound, and he remains an enduring figure in the history of the genre. His music continues to be celebrated for its adventurous and groundbreaking qualities.