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AMAGUK is a dedicated and ambitious power trio, driven by their shared passion for innovation. Their style forms a seamless blend of punk, jazz, D&B, and Mediterranean-influenced sounds. Originally from Spain, Italy, and Greece, the band members are currently based in Rotterdam.
AMAGUK is a one-of-a-kind band that stands out from the rest by doing things differently. The most distinctive feature of the band is the absence of a bassist. An unconventional setup made possible by modifications to their instruments, allowing them to alternate in the role of the bassist. This, combined with a deep understanding of effects and electronics, allows them to be experimental and free with their compositions, resulting in their unique sound.
In 2019, they released their first EP, “Amagik,” and in 2021, they presented their first album, “Resilient Forest.” In May 2023, the band released “Xenitia,” a live-recorded EP, and by the end of the year, they are set to record their second album. These new works are highly anticipated and are sure to showcase their continued growth and evolution as a band.
Over the last years, they have extensively toured in London, Spain, Greece, Berlin, and the Netherlands, and have performed at important international festivals such as North Sea Jazz, WOMAD, or Music Meeting, among many others. Let yourself be captivated by boundary-pushing sound!