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Liquid Sun Orchestra

vr 27 september 21:00
Adres: ‘s-Gravendijkwal 58B - Rotterdam
Liquid Sun Orchestra


Wherever Liquid Sun Orchestra goes, it always will be the glorious ray of sunshine that unites audiences with its rousing afrobeat and afro jazz. At New Grounds, this will be no different: they will make us sizzle with positive energy.
The Leiden based band consists of members from different generations, coming from different corners of the world. Their multicultural character is also echoed in their music. Throughout their intriguing mix of jazz, funk, soul, dub and reggae, we always hear the influence of Nigerian grandmaster Fela Kuti.
After performances at Bevrijdingsfestival Amsterdam, Zwarte Cross, Houtfestival Haarlem, Soulfest Antwerp, Peel Slowly and See festival, Gentse Feesten and Surfana Festival, these messengers of the sun are now coming to New Grounds. Get ready for an evening full of hypnotic rhythms, fiery brass and powerful vocals: Liquid Sun Orchestra will make you dance!

Liquid Sun Orchestra consists of Augusto de Campos Neto (vocals), Bie Muusze (guitar), Marco de Meijer (bass), Sebastiaan van der Klooster (keys), Laurens van Heesch (trumpet), Oliver van Gulik (tenor sax), Marco Pipolo (baritone sax), Fede Carreras (alto sax), Ruud Souhoka (percussion) and Patrick Bek (drums).