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Martin Fondse ‘Faces of Water 2: Forces of Water’

vr 23 juni 2023 19:30
Dit concert heeft reeds plaatsgevonden
Locatie: LantarenVenster


With his roots in Zeeland, The Netherlands, composer Martin Fondse explores this province’s nature in his project Forces of Water for saxophone quartet, drums, bass and keyboards. Inspired by the 1953 flooding that claimed the lives of 1,836 inhabitants of Zeeland and countless animals, the suite reflects water’s dual nature: destructive yet essential to life. Fondse, a jazz and contemporary music pianist, is currently Composer Laureate of The Netherlands, an honorary title representing Dutch contemporary music. In his world, boundaries between genres like classical music, jazz, Latin and world music cease to exist.


Martin Fondse - keyboards
Jan Menu - bariton sax, tenor sax
Paul van der Feen - soprano sax, alto sax
Jasper van Damme - tenor sax
Stephanie Franke - soprano sax, alto sax
Eric van der Westen - bass
Dirk Peter Kölsch - drums
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